Caravan Finance

Finance Your Caravan Purchase
Are you looking to get a caravan? Then, you have no doubt made the right choice. It comes with a lot of benefits when it comes to exploring the road and feeling comfortable. However, it does not come cheap. You will need to spend considerably on this. Whether you are getting a new or used caravan, you will spend thousands of dollars on getting the caravan of your choice.
We believe that this reality can get daunting for anyone. You might just be about to give up on your dream of getting a caravan. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can now get the caravan of your choice without worrying too much about the cost. This is through caravan finance.
This is a financial arrangement that allows you to access the sum that you need to purchase the caravan on loan. You can then commit to repaying the sum over a period based on your convenience. At Planet Bunbury, we don’t offer caravan finance for those interested. Our area of expertise involves helping you get the best caravan. However, we have some third party brokers who can help you with the process of getting caravan finance. All you need to do is contact them. They will be glad to help you through the whole process.

What Is Caravan Finance?

This is a financial arrangement that provides access to the sum you need to purchase your caravan on loan. Once this is done, you agree to repay the sum over a period, including the interest associated with the loan arrangement. 

This arrangement is usually between a lender and a borrower and spans the duration of the loan agreement. Once the loan and interest are then repaid, the agreement comes to an end. 

Benefits of Caravan Finance

This financial arrangement comes with a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits include:
• It aids financial convenience.
• It ensures easy access to the caravans of your choice
• It is easy to get access to this finance arrangement

How to Apply

In case you are looking to get caravan finance, you will need to provide some relevant information. The information that you will need to provide include:
• Your personal details
• Your driver license
• Employment details
• Details of income, assets and liabilities

At the meeting with finance advisor.

How It Works

Getting caravan finance works through a process. This process involves the following:
The first thing you need to do is fill an online form. This will allow you to provide the necessary information about you and allow the brokers to understand what you need.

Available Finance Options

If you’re looking to get caravan finance, there are various finance options that you can opt for. They are generally divided into two categories—the full under the personal caravan finance.
This refers to a financial arrangement that allows you to access caravan finance to purchase caravans for personal use. In this case, the purchase is recreational. There are various options when it comes to getting access through personal caravan finance. They are:

Secured Loans

This is a financial arrangement that requires you to provide an asset as security for the loan. Usually, the asset used for the security arrangement is the caravan of your choice. All you need to do is get a willing lender and secure the loan with an asset or any other asset.
This option comes with some advantages. Precisely, it allows you to enjoy access to the lower interest rate. Even more, due to the less risk that the lender bears, you can get the loan for a longer period.

Unsecured Loans

Under this arrangement, you are not required to provide an asset as security to get access to the loan arrangement. All you need to do is enter into the loan agreement and promise to repay the loan over a specified period. Typically, this loan arrangement holds more risk to the lender.
As such, there is a higher interest rate associated with this loan arrangement. Even more, the time limit allowed for the loan agreement might be lower when compared to the secured loan option. Regardless, you can still enjoy flexible terms.

Caravan Finance Calculator

There’s no doubt that getting caravan finance is the right way to go if you’re looking to reduce the financial stress that comes with getting a caravan. However, you might still be faced with uncertainty when it comes to getting caravan finance. You might just be wondering what it will take for you to borrow the sum or if you can even afford to complete the repayment once you borrow the sum.
Well, regardless of your concerns, you have got nothing to worry about. You can easily now gain financial clarity on your financial obligation using a caravan finance calculator.
This refers to a tool that allows you to determine your financial obligation under the finance arrangement. Precisely, you get to know how much you can afford to borrow or how much you’ll need to repay if you borrow a particular sum.
All you need to do is enter the details of the loan arrangement you intend to enter. Afterwards, you can click calculate to get an idea of your financial obligation. The various terms that you need to enter for the calculator to process your request include:

The first thing that you'll need to enter is the loan term. This refers to how long the loan arrangement is designed to last. Typically, this will depend on the type of loan in question and can either be long term or short term. For instance, the loan term can be as short as a year or two. Then, in some cases, it can be for as long as five or seven years.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that you might have about caravan finance
If you are looking to get caravan finance, there are a wide range of options that you can opt for. However, they are generally divided into two and will depend on your usage. Some options fall under the personal category, and others fall under Beth commercial category.

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